This Adventure-Loving Duo Tied the Knot in Greece and It Was Awesome

Let’s talk about just how amazing this destination wedding is, shall we? Because when it comes to drop-dead gorgeous soirees with style for miles, Think colorful florals from Betty Flowers, black and white striped table linens and one of the most breathtaking ceremony + reception spots ever. All planned + designed by the geniuses at Tie The Knot In Santorini-Weddings & Events and captured in beautiful images by Thanasis Kaiafas, give your weekend the pretty it needs in THE VAULT.

Planning and Design: Tie the knot Santorini
Photographer: Thanasis Kaiafas 


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From the Bride…David and I met in college—on the very first night of my freshman year, to be exact. Though our relationship wouldn’t seriously begin until a couple of years later, he made an indelible impression on me that night. I instantly recognized in him what was in me too: a pioneering spirit, boredom with convention and a yearning for authenticity, and an untamable creative streak.

After six years of being married-without-being-married, we got engaged, and were faced with the decision of what our perfect version of a wedding would look like.

David is the owner of a mindful travel media company (shameless husband plug; is that a thing?). His obsession since childhood, travel is also his creative medium; the results of his adventures are totally brilliant works of writing and stunning photographs.

I’m a Simplified Living expert and owner of the professional organizing company Live Simply by Annie. I help people to edit and organize their spaces and lives, removing both physical and emotional clutter, and creating beautiful environments and systems that support their wellbeing.

Both of us long ago eschewed convention and the notion that there is a “right way” to live, and choose, instead, to follow our bliss and live our true purposes. Our wedding had to follow suit. It would have to include an element of adventure. It would have to be without fuss and without stress. And it would have to be a stylish affair.

It would need to be a completely beautiful occasion in a jaw-dropping and magical location, with absolutely nothing more than the essential elements, and something that felt unabashedly true to who we are as people and as a couple—what, like that’s so much to ask for?

The realization of that vision was a private ceremony at Canaves Oia Suites in Santorini, Greece, planned and styled to utter perfection by Maria of Tie The Knot Santorini, and captured by our ridiculously talented photographer, Thanasis Kaiafas. (Note: both of these individuals are the reason why our wedding was as spectacular and memorable as it was. We are fully obsessed with them, and cannot sing their praises loudly enough or recommend them more highly.)

At noon, we stood on a private balcony and recited vows, exchanged rings, and became husband and wife; the exquisite caldera view sweeping underneath and all around us.

It was our deepest desires realized, the ultimate marriage of exploration and excitement and essentialism, and so much more joyful than we imagined it could be.

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